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For a country with rich culture and a long history, learning vast knowledge of facts and information can be quite challenging. That is why we’ll make learning about the US fun and exciting for you. Take our quizzes and check how well your memory serves you. Or read our article resources filled with general information, interesting trivia, and fun facts that you may or may not have heard before.

Whether you want to expand your knowledge about the United States or simply test your familiarity on common facts about our country, will give you what you need. Start taking the tests now and learn more about the US!

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Loaded with facts and interesting information, our quizzes are designed to stir your knowledge about the US’ culture and history. They’re fun and simple, but at the same, they are challenging enough to make you think of the right answers. Whether you want to test your knowledge on US presidents, states, capitals, or foods, we have the right US quiz for you!

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Quiz Runner encourages friendly competition among peers. After all, quizzes become more enjoyable when you answer them with friends or colleagues. You can answer them together by working as a team or answer individually and compare scores to identify you knows better… and probably name him the US Quiz Champion.

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Sometimes, the information you know about our country is not enough. By taking our tests and quizzes, you can learn more general knowledge about our rich culture and history, that you can use to show off to your friends and family, or maybe share with tourists or foreign friends. So expand your knowledge now by taking one or all of our quizzes.

Understand the Present

As they say, you can only understand the present situation by looking back and remembering the past. Therefore, if you want to appreciate our country today, make sure that you revisit the US history and learn interesting facts about it. From presidents to states and capitals to foods to national parks, all of these information will help you better understand the country you are living in today.

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